GeoIP Access

3 декабря 2014 года

For EE v1.x DataBases is placement in {EE1}/lib/geoip
For EE v2.x DataBases is placement in {EE2}/third_party/geoip_access/geoip
You can use 3 types of databases.
1. Countries - GeoIP.dat
2. Cities Lite - GeoLiteCity.dat (Free, not included)
3. Cities (Paid) - GeoIPCity.dat (not included)
Extension itself selects database depending on the existing files.

Information is added to the global variables.

geo_code: {geo_code}
geo_country_code: {geo_country_code}
geo_country_name: {geo_country_name}
geo_region: {geo_region}
geo_region_name: {geo_region_name}
geo_city: {geo_city}
geo_zip: {geo_zip}
geo_latitude: {geo_latitude}
geo_longitude: {geo_longitude}
geo_metro_code: {geo_metro_code}
geo_area_code: {geo_area_code}
geo_continent_code: {geo_continent_code}

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